Dr. Jorge J. Leal offers pain management options such as spinal cord stimulation, pain pumps, nerve blocks and oral medications.

Florida Pain Relief Group provides advanced, minimally invasive pain relief treatments and therapies to treat and manage the pain.

We have several locations all over Tampa, Florida. Find the one closest to you and come by to start your pain-free journey with us.

Schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Leal at Florida Pain Relief Group to discuss treatment options. Say goodbye to the pain.

Pain Management in Tampa by Dr. Jorge Leal

Dr. Jorge J. Leal specializes in back pain, complex regional pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, and shingles (herpes zoster), as well as, overall interventional pain management. His goal is total patient well-being achieved through unparalleled treatment and care.

Florida Pain Relief Group is the #1 provider of pain relief and pain management treatment in the Tampa Bay area. Our specialists, like Dr. Leal, combine their extensive pain relief expertise with advanced therapies and minimally invasive techniques to make sure your chronic pain is managed and that you can get back to living a full, active, pain-free life!

With Dr. Leal and Florida Pain Relief Group on your team, the discomfort and pain will be a thing of past. Connect with us today to get back out there and play!

Dr. Jorge J. Leal

Dr. Jorge Leal has a broad clinical and academic background that equips him with a vast knowledge of pain therapies. He completed his anesthesiology internship and residence at State University of New York – Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse where he then fulfilled a one year pain medicine fellowship. Before going into private practice, Dr. Leal also served in several academic faculty positions.

Dr. Leal currently works with Florida Pain Relief Group in Tampa, Florida where he helps patients manage chronic, lasting pain stemming from injury or illness. Contact Dr. Leal right now if you’re ready to begin living pain-free.

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